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An exclamatory remark used to express an idividual's general feeling of depression,apathy, and pointlessness about their present situation in life.
Martha: I just feel like I'm in a rut at work. I haven't had a promotion in fifteen years... I've plateaued!

Chad: Gee, I know the feeling- we're just flippin' burgers Martha!
by brigadoon November 10, 2008
To lie about something. A term mostly used by hockey players.
Mark was flippin burgers when he said he got a natural hat trick yesterday.
by hockeyplayer1234321567 September 15, 2011
The term for one associated with a man boy love gang turns his gun onto the side or "flips them burgers" and begins to "bust a cap"
That Crip across the street went all crazy and got all up in my face flippin burgers.
by BigBearBPFB October 18, 2010