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Expletive used in placed of Fucking Hell by many religious or overly uptight people. The choice of this word allows them to swear (pathetically) while not actually swearing in the eyes of a higher power (God, parents, teacher, Chuck Norris).

Although not as offensive as the term it replaces, a pan linguistic mind reading god would know that you really meant fucking hell anyway and would probably dock you points for trying to sneak it by with such a feeble attempt.
1 Stubs toe
1: "Flippin Heck!"
2: "Dude, why don't you just say "fuck?"
1: "God will hear me."
2: "No, I think God's busy enough laughing at you stubbing your toe to care if you dropped an f bomb."
1: "You're going to hell anyway!"
2: "don't flip your heck on me!"
by McDennis June 28, 2010
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