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an untalented autotune pop whore. Well, she may have some talent, but since everything is autotuned, it's impossible to tell.

She looks like Paris Hilton when she's clubbing. Albeit, she looks like Paris Hilton after she's done a crapload of coke, drank a 40 of schnapps, passed out in her own vomit and redid her makeup (set to whore) while too intoxicated to stand.
"WTF happened last night?"
"You got so wasted that you look like Ke$ha"
"OMG, my face looks like I passed out in glitterry finger paint. Why am I in a bath tub?"
"Do you feel like P. Diddy?"
by mcDennis March 21, 2010
Expression used to show that someone would agree to some sort of condition if highly pressured. It's usable in place of a "no."
1: Would you sleep with Dave Grohl?
2: I'm a dude and I'm not gay!
1: I know you're a dude, but come on!
2: well, gun to my head, I guess he's not too ugly.
by McDennis June 20, 2010
Expletive used in placed of Fucking Hell by many religious or overly uptight people. The choice of this word allows them to swear (pathetically) while not actually swearing in the eyes of a higher power (God, parents, teacher, Chuck Norris).

Although not as offensive as the term it replaces, a pan linguistic mind reading god would know that you really meant fucking hell anyway and would probably dock you points for trying to sneak it by with such a feeble attempt.
1 Stubs toe
1: "Flippin Heck!"
2: "Dude, why don't you just say "fuck?"
1: "God will hear me."
2: "No, I think God's busy enough laughing at you stubbing your toe to care if you dropped an f bomb."
1: "You're going to hell anyway!"
2: "don't flip your heck on me!"
by McDennis June 28, 2010
When employed, pulling enough hours to get overtime and continuing to come in on a day that is also a national or civic holiday, thus requiring payment not only of your hours, but time and a half due to the overtime and being paid for the holiday (full day).
Essentially 2.5X the money per hour.
-What are you doing on Labour Day?
-I'm working
-Haven't you worked enough? You're already getting overtime.
-yeah, but now I qualify for over holiday time
-yeah, time and a half... and a and holiday pay.
by McDennis September 02, 2010
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