A person who cannot decide what they want. They are always going back and forth between two options.
Hey man, you know that girl that I have been telling you about? She is totally a flip flop; she cannot decide if she wants to date men or women.
by hitchhikerthumb24 December 19, 2012
investments made in real estate with intention to 'flip' it for a profit but instead turns into a 'flop' with the crash in the real estate market.
I paid $100,000 for that house and put $25,000 into it thinking I could sell it for $150,000. Now it I can't sell it for $75,000. My 'flip' is now a 'flip flop'.
by smarsh February 20, 2009
an ugly bird who you would not want to sleep with
ugh, shes flip flop dude
by jim79 February 22, 2010
Someone who is down with more than one gang, like a dude that's a Crip Sunday, a Blood Friday a Sureño next weekend and makes his own gang next month.
Flip Flop: Soowoop! On Blood! I might be a Crip tomorrow, but I'm a Blood today! Soowoop!

Real nigga 1: Damn, Alex is a fuckin flip flop. He draped in red today last week he was a Crip.

Real nigga 2: I heard he's tryna be a Sureño next. I'ma call him CBS (Crip Blood Sureno)
by Real Nigga 1 May 12, 2010
something you wear on your feet in the summer.
some people like to wear them in the snow.
flip flops are often smelly.
person2: just wear some flip flops!
person1: GOOD IDEA!
person1: nice and coool

by ongmam123 May 31, 2009
if you are in an argument with someone and they insult you, but if you make a good comeback it is known as a flipflop.
person 1) you're a nobber!
Person 2) Your MUM!
by Scieh July 16, 2004
A trite, topical, and out-dated political term invented by republicans for the 2004 ellections. Often used as a term of disparagement to chastize democrats for not supporting every single piece of legislation in favor of one particular thing.
Talking Head 1: Y'know, kerry voted against sending $86 billion of support for our troops. That guy flip flops more than an IHOP!

Talking Head 2: Dude... he wrote his OWN $86 billion troop support bill! And his version said where the money would COME from, instead of just tacking it onto the deficit. Why would he vote for the other bill?
by Luke June 09, 2006

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