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Something fucking unbelievably great!
That steak was fligger as hell!
by LovetheJewsorGoHome January 31, 2011
1 4
some cheap-ass filipino trying to be black, as wigger goes for a white kid
wow check that fligger he tries way too hard
by her December 12, 2004
63 21
A house in which is not your own.
You going to Joe's fligger? Yeah, are you not coming? Naaaaa, his mum doesn't like me
by AlexTheDon123 November 20, 2011
0 2
Much like the N word of black people but used for Fillipino people. Has variation of spelling. Fligger,Fligguh, Fligga
Watsup my fligger!
fligga be tripping
Y'all fligguh's a gay
by bobby2 November 29, 2006
5 10
A person having blood of a Filipino and a African American (Nigger). Moreno
A kid at school that's mixed.
by C April 08, 2004
17 25
A filipino who is black inside. See also whigger and coconut.
I saw a fligger with a flat baseball cap worn sideways.
by Big Tone April 17, 2004
11 28