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Carrol County Maryland speak for a retarded person.
Damn Jeremy, you are so fucking flickted.
by yellow finch June 22, 2011
Awkward. Ghetto. Bootleg. Not right. Obtuse. Not right, At all. Mismatched. Heinous. WHen someone or something is dressed, behaving like, or constructed in a generally cheap looking, or awkward, way.
You know when Lisa Coombs dresses up for parties, and then makes out with you when you don't want her to? Yeah, that gurl Flick'ted.
by Raina Helen February 18, 2007
To look bad, tore up, unappealing, busted
Ewww, look at that fat b*tch in dem skinny jeans walking around lookin’ all "Flick'ted" and sh*t.
by The Nikkist April 22, 2009
A crazy, cool, and weird person.
Me and Lizzie are very flickted!
by Selene...XD May 12, 2004
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