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A place within the body in which to store something. Specifically, to smuggle contraband or stash drugs before a police stop.
I was getting pulled over, so I shoved my pipe and rocks into my flesh pocket.

Man dis some good ass kush! How'd you get it in here? (prison)
Yo, my ho cool. She broughts it in during visitation.
by Guitar God Jay April 27, 2016
a pocket of flesh found on a female ussually in the groine region about an inch and a half from the anus.
Can I store my wallet in your flesh pocket?
by Slop December 16, 2004
The soft outer covering of vertebrates, aka Epidermis... aka skin. It forms a protective barrier over the body's surface, responsible for keeping water in the body and preventing pathogens from entering. Similar to how a pocket holds things in and protects them from falling out.
I am one sad excuse of flesh pocket today; I look like a zombie.

She has some seriously sexy flesh pockets.

Is that your flesh pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
by Clairee0316 December 18, 2013
Using a body orfice to hide something, usually dope or contraband in prison.
I got pulled over, so I gave my dope to my girlfriend. She shoved it down her pants and into her flesh pocket so I didn't get caught.

When I got stripped down after visitation, I had the weed in my flesh pocket. Made it back to block, pulled it out, washed the baggies and made a mint selling it on the yard.
by Guitar God Jay January 19, 2016
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