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Adj. describing ones hair; Hair that is puffy and flazzing about
"peters hair sure is flazzy"
by laura December 14, 2003
A combination of the words "flaired" and "jazzy" usually used to describe an individual's choice of clothes.
Sometimes it may be used to describe an individual, though.
Rachel, Allison, and Alex looked really flazzy during their trip to Romania.

That lesbian was wearing a flazzy jean vest.
#flaired #jazzy #slick #saucy #denim
by Boo_Boo_Kitty June 05, 2006
a fizzy drink that has gone parlty flat, therefore not fully fizzy or flat. but just in the middle of both.
this drink is flazzy
#fizzy #flat #coca-cola #tango #fanta #irn-bru
by spirit-ghosthunter November 22, 2011
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