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An name or title gave to someone for the act of flaying.(Skinning)

Mostly in mid-evil times or video games.
1. Noob was slain by Flayer.
2. Noob was slain by Jim the Flayer.
by Demsac69 September 13, 2008
A fake player. Someone who tries to play girls but can't manage it.
Dan is such a flayer, i totally know about those other two girls!
by BALLINmegin February 09, 2008
flayer: to cut off skin
that bitch flayed me last night cos she said my forskin was in the way!!
by jake coles March 16, 2003
A flayer is a female player, the same purpose just that this player is female, and as we all know, what do we women do better than crush hearts? nothing! follow the player's code to the bone flayers, if you don't, youre only a wannabe.

guys, don't ever tell a potential flayer your feelings for her, she will crush you.
"damn man! I fell for her, and she just crushed me like a bug, stonecold!" she must be a flayer!
by beldaran November 21, 2006
A horribly over confident games player who actually isnt that good. Will mock and laugh at newbs endlessly. Trashtalker.
This flayer wannabe came into the lobby and started dissing people needlessly for a good 10 minutes.
by AlliedGI June 02, 2003
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