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When ones cell phone has no signal at all and the cell phone shows no bars.
On some cell phones it comes up as a flat line instead of bars or an x.
May be used as Flatline, Flatlined, or Flatlining to describe having no cell reception.
Ex. 1

Dude 1: Dude, Where is this party?
Dude 2: Idk, call Sarah.
Dude 1: I can't I'm Flatlining.

Ex. 2

Girl: Why the hell didn't you call me back last night?
Boy: Sorry babe, I had a Flatline.

Ex. 3

Dude 1: Anyone have cell reception?
Dude 2: Naw, I'm Flatining.
Dude 3: I'm Flatlined too.
Dude 4: Got a Flatline.
by Lead Fist June 30, 2010
When you text someone and they don't respond after they read it
Dude Nikki just flatlined me. It's been like fifteen minutes.
by that last guy May 12, 2015
The act of killing someone or using force to hurt somone badly.
Bitch, Do you want flatlined!
by MJC612 April 24, 2009
Being so drunk that you blackout and can't recall a long period (an hour or more) from the previous evening.
I must have been flatlined last night, cause I don't remember stretching my scrotum skin in front of your parents.
by Chris Johnson February 19, 2004
The non-activity that one receives when he/she is being rejected.
Megan couldn't understand why Rich flatlined her - she began to wonder if it was because of all the junk in her trunk.
by Snocap September 20, 2006
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