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1. When you are trying to score with a girl and fail. Your "wheel" was unsuccessful and thus you got a flat tire

2. When you are notoriously bad at picking up women you have flat tires
1. Johnny was trying to nail that broad but he got a flat tire and went home and watched Conan

2. Johnny struck out again? That guy has flat tires!
by ScampyJoe April 21, 2006
2 27
When a person walks with a limp due to having a shorter leg than the other leg.
That dude is a flat tire he walks like a fucking dumbass!!
by EdwardBerry November 25, 2007
11 26
A person who is boring, a downer.
His date was such a flat tire that he snuck out the back door and ditched her at the restaurant.
by Libertine October 01, 2005
10 25
Hand in Texas Hold'em, a jack-four. Derived from:

Q: What's a jack for?
A: A flat tire
I have a really crappy hand that I shouldn't be playing, but it has a clever name. I love flat tires.
by bs February 14, 2005
12 30
when a girl sits down and her stomach's rolls look like a flat tire
damn look at that fat bitch's flat tire!
by Tin January 26, 2004
11 30
In poker, a hand that needs a jack to improve.
"If I don't get a jack on the river, my straight's gonna be a flat tire."
by Coell May 12, 2005
12 33
A chunk of terd left around the toilet bowl after flushing.
That duece was so gross it didn't just leave skid marks, it left some flat tires!
by StalledOut October 01, 2006
4 26