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Rock climbing term used to characterize ones's strenuous effort put forth into a single climb diminishing all of one's strength and energy. Generally flashwad is achieved on the first attempt of a climb but is also accepted if one's entire wad is blown on any given attempt.
Tomatoe: I can't climb anymore today.
Jbone: why?
Tomatoe: I totally flashwaded swept away and my energy is depleted.

Jbone: woooord???
by Jerrbear hand salve June 18, 2014
A large, impressive roll of paper money with a few hundreds on the outside and lots of singles on the inside. Used by gamblers, grifters and con artists for impressing rubes that you're a whale of a rich guy.
He always walked into a deal with a flash wad, but walked out making a lot of vague promises and leaving as little of it behind as possible.
by Debt Hope December 08, 2014

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