taking a axe bottle of body spray and stabing it open with a sharp object then throwing it to an area of people and they will get bombed by axes shitty smell.
the other day I flash banged Xavier while he was taking a poo then held the door so he couldn't get out
by team awesome'o March 11, 2011
Top Definition
When you hook up with an ugly girl without ever having a good look at her face.
Man 1 "bro, why did you hook up with that chick she's dirty"
Man 2 "man, i got flashbanged"
by SoTrueeeeBro November 28, 2010
when you get so drunk, high, or otherwise intoxicated that you can no longer see or understand what is going on. However, you are still able to get extremely lucky and sometimes score.
Dude, I was so flashbanged last night but I still scored with Emily.
by SammyDSAE March 13, 2011
when you write FLASHBANG on a piece of paper, hand it to someone and once they read it you shank them.
DUDE I GAVE KEVIN A FLASHBANG then we shanked the shit outa him. o man it got everywhere....
by atticus February 19, 2005
When a policeman flashes their lights to pull someone over.
When we were on our way back from school we saw four people get flashbanged! There's some crazy drivers out there!
by Damahr March 05, 2011
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