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An uninvited grasper of cone, a masher, a hustler
You mean Rodney was behaving like a flarndip?”


“Flarndip — an uninvited grasper of cone, a masher, a hustler.”
by Mr. Singh10101010101 January 14, 2011
A Flarndip is a word that is repetitively said, when someone has snorted entirely too many drugs of any kind. Also usually accompanied by excessive clapping, tapping, finger snapping, and etc.

Mex: snorts giant lines of *******

Smitty: I'm gonna deal the cards right now...

Mex: Flarndip flarndip flarndip, clap clap tap tap tap tap clap clap... Shamalama dingggdonggg....Bop Bop Bop... Flarndip...Bop...Snap Snap snap... Flarndip...Snap....Snap...Flarndip...
by MexiCan999 September 22, 2010
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