1: the folds of baby fat underneath a child's arms that are an obvious precursor to childhood obesity, possibly even diabetes and depression. (If you have flapples you should see the treadmill at your local gym immediately)
"Dude, you know the honey boo boo child has some wicked mad flapples."
by Squatting Snakes January 22, 2013
Top Definition
to insert a finger and/or any other foriegn object into a mans penis hole.
My girlfriend gives the best flapple ever.
by Flapple King December 10, 2010
someone who licks your ear lobe
Nicola stop being such a flapple you're embarrassing yourself
by nicoydison October 31, 2013
The piece of apple that remains slightly attached by the skin when a bite is not executed to the fullest extent.
Victoria's proudly flicking a piece of apple still connected to the rest and Julia says "Wow... that is a niiiice flapple."
by Fodrizzle Stevens April 20, 2012
Flappy Nipples
Wow... did you ever see the Flapples on Simon Cowell? DISGUSTING!
by Saralee78 December 13, 2011
Someone that is so fat that they jiggle.
"Hey look at that fat guy, hes a flapple."
by sean John Stohn October 14, 2006
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