The hipster of the 1920's. These women spoke up for what they believed in and dissed the status quo. They dressed how they liked, drank what they wanted, and avoided "mainstream."
Daisy Buchanan, from the Great Gatsby, was a flapper.
by me123412341234 March 09, 2013
When a girls vagina is really straggly and flaps around all flag-like.
"Uuuh, I feel uncomfortable changing in front of other people.."
"Don't worry, we won't make fun of you!"
"Hmmm, okay!"
*pulls pants and underwear off*
"Daaaamn gurl! That's one STRAGGLY vagina!"
"Yeah, they're REAL flappers!"
by TotallyChicken December 19, 2013
can be a woman`s flappy labia, but can also be breasts.
example 1:
mike: omg! last night i was going to have sex with katie! but she has some nasty ass flappers!
cody: that is disgusting. don`t tell me about her stinky crotch.

example 2:
ryan: your girlfriend has NO flappers! she is such a no-flapper beast!
by cassandra q March 12, 2007
1. A person who's goal is to beat their last score on flappy bird; addicted to flappy bird.
2.Posts up their new high score on social media every time they get it. usually annoying.
Boy 1: That dude is always posting up his high score on Flappy bird.
Boy 2: I know, hes such a flapper.
by yoloislife February 09, 2014
A girl's vagina that is saggy like wrinkly skin. Also a sexually active, wild, and having many sex partners.
"Hey , did you see that flapper?"
"Yea, I did , it was all saggy and what not like Rosie O'donald"
by Giraffexoxo123 June 14, 2009
A slut; one who is open for business, alternately, one with a fishy-smelling vagina and pungent stank.
Guy #1: "Man, I got with this total flapper last night..."
Guy #2: "Oh, yeah?"
Guy #1: "Yeah, I couldn't get the smell off of my fingers for several days."
by ljodnster April 02, 2011
Any time you have a booger in your nose and you can feel it move back and forth every time you inhale and exhale.
Joe had a flapper the size of a baby's fist stuck in his nose and could feel it move when he would breath.
by blueknight1st November 08, 2008
used as an insult. can be in replace of such words as loser, dickhead or idiot. can also be used as a word for someone who masturbates a lot.
That guy is such a Flapper
by HariKun February 10, 2011

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