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Impressive and frightening; impressive or overwhelming to inspire as strong feeling of admiration or the awesome destructive powers of the Universe.
Excellent; general term of enthusiastic approval.

Emotionally overpowering; great effects on emotion.

Physically overpowering; overpowering in strength, force, or numbers.

Amazing and slightly frightening; daemons will feel impressed, humbled, and slightly afraid, along with,extremely exciting; suprising or shocking.
Father: That is flangtastic and i'm proud of you son.

Mother: Flangtastic, you've made it through college.

Demont: The second song on this Zune is flangtastic.

#talented #overwhelming #grand #breathtaking #splendid #remarkable #amazing #awe-inspiring #astounding
by Ladonna Mae Demont September 04, 2007
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