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A fiery alcoholic cocktail made to simulate the taste of Dr. Pepper. Many recipes exist, however to make a Flaming Dr. Pepper you pour Armaretto into a shot glass, layer 151 proof rum on top, light it on fire, pour half a beer into a mug, drop the flaming shot into the beer and chug.
A Flaming Dr. Pepper is a fun party drink to impress people with. Just make sure you don't burn yourself carelessly like you always do you God Damn idiot.
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
Take a shot glass and fill it with 3/4 amaretto and 1/4 with bacardi 151. light it and drop it into a pint of beer. now drink it down. you have created a flaming dr. pepper
dude i was watching this cartoon and the one guy made this flaming dr. pepper drink. i made it and it tasted just like dr.pepper
by peteylove October 21, 2007

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