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A fiery alcoholic cocktail made to simulate the taste of Dr. Pepper. Many recipes exist, however to make a Flaming Dr. Pepper you pour Armaretto into a shot glass, layer 151 proof rum on top, light it on fire, pour half a beer into a mug, drop the flaming shot into the beer and chug.
A Flaming Dr. Pepper is a fun party drink to impress people with. Just make sure you don't burn yourself carelessly like you always do you God Damn idiot.
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
A tasty soda only found in southern US states.
Yee haw!!! Paw just bought us a whole 2 liter of that there Cheerwine. I reckon imma go have me a glass or two.
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
An extremely powerful, yet elusive version of male ejaculation. This often occurs every so often during sex where the ejaculation shoots a much further distance than normal. The amount of semen shot is also greatly increased as well.
I pulled my dick out of her mouth right before I was going to cum, I stood up as she layed down on the bed and I launched a jizz rocket. Man, she was drenched in cum, along with the bed and walls!
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
A more specific type of grinch relative to the recreational smoking of marijuana. They are defined as a friend who brings over his/her marijuana to share with yours but, often put down an extremely smaller amount than what you do to smoke.
Trisha is such a Ganja Grinch. Every time we both put down some weed to roll into a blunt, she puts down this tiny little nugget thats about the size of my pinky nail.
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
A joking reference to two straight males who are spending the night together, as if they were to engage in homosexual love.
Aw, man. Ted slept on Jack's couch last night. They probably had some drinks and had a wet towel fight afterwards.
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
A sex act that involves a female taking a bath/shower and giving a male a hand job while he stands outside the shower. Upon orgasm, the man shoots a load over the female's face/breasts/stomach etc. This technique allows easy clean up for the female and makes her more likely to partake in a cum shot.
Mary hates having my hot load all over her, but I love it. When she was showering she agreed to a tub shot so she could quickly wash my semen off of her body afterwards.
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
An sex act done by a male prior to orgasm, where he would ejaculate over the female's nipple(s), covering it entirely.
Tonya loves when I finish sex with a cum shot. So I decided to give her a shot of nipple sauce.
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
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