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A muscle on the opposite shoulder of your dominant hand. Bad play in sports is usually because of a pulled/strained flactoid.
Tiger Woods: That was a terrible shot.
Phil Mickelson: I know. I pulled my flactoid the other day.
by Dr. Earving July 28, 2009
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a muscle not commonly worked out in the normal gym. best exercise is the camel toe machine at the PHUHS gym. If not its best to have sex on a regular basis
Im gonna go work my flactoids.

Damn Stearns has real nice flactoids
by Joshua Stearns May 09, 2005
Sucking the left over love juices of your friends MILF's dildo after it's been successfully used in her mouldy clam.
I heard Billie-jo enjoyed that Flactoid
by BJobA June 17, 2011

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