A jacket made from flannel, usually with a liner inside. A combination of Flannel and jacket
I love that flacket, except when i wear it i look like a construction worker.
by jonwetz February 14, 2005
Top Definition
General term for the beever blankets or fanny lips/labia beeversnatch
Look at the flackets on that!!
by Rod Johnson November 10, 2003
Fanny flaps!!!!
Fuck me, my flackets are itching!
by knerstie fnerstie June 25, 2004
A flacket is a combination of a fleece and a jacket. They are often found whilst dredging the bottom of Scottish lochs.
Eoin: Hey Keith where did you get your flacket?

Keith: From the bottom of Loch Ness!
by beetlejuiceecis May 21, 2009
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