A chocolate chip cookie that lacks chocolate chips.
Joe: Oh man! Wheres all the chocolate chips?
Dougie: Bummer. You my friend, just got a Flacco...
by CMBP February 14, 2012
Top Definition
Flaccid. When you lose your erection due to something very unattractive. A soft penis
The entire state of Colorado went Flacco after the Broncos lost last night.

The doctor prescribed me some Viagra to help with me Flacco problem.
by ConnaDillen January 13, 2013
Derived from Latin word Flacdemic
(n)Unibrowed alumnus of a scholarly institution of higher learning, The University of Delaware, who also simultaneously dominates life(s) in general.

(adj) Unibrow with the thickness of Ed Reed's pubic beard
Have you seen how that broseph dominates life? He is one Flacco.

Did you hear that Tim Tebow is gay? That is so not Flacco
by Lord K.C. Keeler of Tubby Ray January 08, 2009
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