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my stomach has flabs i.e the opposite of abs
friend - I've got abs of steel!

other friend- Oh...I gotta get me some "abs of steel"... I've got "flabs of steel" ...
by Walkie-Talkie February 01, 2011
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It's what someone has when they act as if they are muscular or skinny- but are- well- FAT (or just biiiggg losers). 97.2% of them are douchebags. The other 2.8% is big people with WAYYY too much self-esteem. Look out for these ones- they're usually nut jobs.
"Hey, you met Tyler Bennett?"

"Yeah, he's got Flabs of Steel like shit, man."

"That douchebag."
by The Original Ninja, Bitch :D October 04, 2009

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