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In the gaming community, "Fixeh" is used to describe someone who pays ridiculous amounts of money for an incredible computer, and then overclocks it, causing it to melt. The average "Fixeh" has an IQ roughly equal to that of a bag of wild berry skittles.

All "Fixeh"s are closeted homosexuals, and may or may not be Jewish, depending on the context.
You just melted your ten thousand dollar computer? What a fucking Fixeh.
by Lord Fappington VIIII August 11, 2008
"Fixeh" is the word used to describe someone who has an extremely active virtual sex-life with goats, lions, horse manure, mental home escapees and Australians, usually of the male gender.

Fixehs are generally extremely odd, in both behavior and appearance, and are often mistaken for chimpanzees.

Wild Fixehs are most commonly found in dark basements but are sometimes known to go out to cyber cafe's when their power is out. Their most common hunting grounds are inside the virtual worlds, such as online nerdfest, World of Warcraft.
You just had e-sex with your Australian boyfriend while eating a banana fudge sundae and reading barnyard weekly? You dirty Fixeh
by PuttoxD July 14, 2009
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