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A nasty rotten fish odor that tends to occur when a guy masturbates too much. Semen drys up on penis after he is done which smells like rotten fish.
"Oh damn.. I didn't clean myself well enough after i beat the meat, now i have a rotten fish dick!
by jenkinsz April 09, 2009
a guy who is so desperate for pussy that he will screw anything. he therefore tends to have a smelly cock, a fish dick if you will.
oh my god, who in their right mind would want to fuck that fish dicked guy. he is pathetic.
by toohotttohandlebaby October 02, 2006
A condition occurring mostly in (although not limited to) uncircumcised men as a result of not cleaning their genitals, particularly under their foreskin. Their lack of concern for personal hygiene results in their genitals producing a nasty fish smell. 90% of men with this condition will request oral sex while remaining oblivious to the fact that they have it.
That guy I hooked up with had a MAJOR case of fish dick.
by Cobra Lambent January 31, 2011
What the human male experiences after a night of unprotected sex with a woman then leaves in the morning without showering, and follows that with a day of hard work in a hot kitchen. It is a combination of a foetid stench, grease, slime and crusty scaliness in the genital region.
"Geez, Chef, I just took a leak, and I've got a rotten case of Fish Dick."
by nyquilcoma July 02, 2012
When a man is with a women who intimidates him and as he tries to have sex with her his penis goes limp and flaps around like a fish on land.
Yo, you hear what happened to Adam yesterday while he was wit that bad chick?

Yea yo, I heard he got some fish dick.
by FishmanFive April 28, 2007
A joke involving a play on words in a South Park episode, because really... if you like putting fishsticks in your mouth, you're a gay fish!
Everyone: Do you like fish sticks?
Kanye West: Yeah
Everyone: Do you like putting fishdicks in your mouth?
Kanye West: Yeah
Everyone: What are you, a gay fish?!?!?
by ~FD3~ April 09, 2009
A male-identifying person who's display of over-compensation is so outrageous, they may as well have a genital papilla instead of a penis.
I'd ask my female friend if she'd like to see a show, but her boyfriend is a fishdick and gets mad when she hangs out with other guys.
by KittyGoGo August 19, 2014