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A person who is almost a vegetarian but eats fish - no red meat or poultry (as a Poultrarian is almost a vegetarian but eats chicken and turkey) - if the person only eats fish w/ scales (no shellfish) that person can also be considered kosher
After my girlfriend showed me and the horrbile way animals are treated I can't eat meat anymore, but I dig on my sushi something awful, so I am becoming a Fishatarian.
by ebcnave November 22, 2007
A person who eats all kind of meat but not fish or any produce from the sea.
Hey did you see that girl my friend pulled, she stank of fish? I could smell her twat a mile off. I wouldn't have gone near her downstairs though, I'm a fish-a-tarian.
by PSMako(Dale) August 25, 2008

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