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to get a blow job off a carp
Little johnny put his john in two tone the fat mirror carp and gave it a little fish fuck
by Fishergimp March 03, 2007
When a transexual fools a man into thinking that the asshole or taut testicles he is fucking in or near is a real pussy. Therefore giving the illusion of fish, a commonly held association for the smell of the vagina.
Guest 1: Baby I actually used to be a guy.

Guest 2: Wah?!? What the fuck?! You mean your a dude!? How? No way!? No way!

Guest: I gave you a fish fuck. It's an old tranny trick baby.

Guest 2: {Throws Chair} Nooooooo!


Jerry Springer: We'll be back with a final thought.
by Daniel Milner McCaffrey August 29, 2005
When a male transvestite hooker poses as a woman & gives a customer a blow job. The customer then requests sex, thus resulting in the customer fucking between the hooker's testicles, thinking he's pounding the vag.
Transvestite: He asked to have sex, so it led to him fish fucking me. Jokes on him!
by Anesthesia Beaverhousen July 29, 2010
Name for a Heavy Metal band in Ohio that started out in 1993
Fish Fuck released 6 cd's in 2006 alone.
by Fish Fuck October 28, 2006
Fish-fuck describes dirty, low-tide smelling, sunburnt, and otherwise white-trash fidiots, who spend most of their time drunk off cheap beer, chain smoking cigarrettes, and aboard a fishing "vessel" presumably fishing.
At least one fish-fuck is a self-proclaimed "captain," that one in particular ubtained the title: Captain Fish-Fuck.
Eric is such a fish-fuck... always.
by Matt Damon! June 07, 2006
A girl you take home to have sex with, usually while she is intoxicated, that just lays there like a dead fish instead of taking control or switching positions. Minimal movement or interplay. Like a fish that you've reeled in for sport that doesn't have any fight.
The girl had drank so much she could hardly string together a sentence, let alone give me some for working my ass off. She didn't move! What a fishfuck.
by eops November 01, 2009
*a song by gwar
*2 take a river carp and ram it up sum1s butt
*2 take a moa-moa and swim it up sum1s butt
*pronounced "fish-fuck" not "sgdrg"
fishfuck baby! gonna fuck u w/ a fish! gonna take a river carp and ram it up ur butt. u slut. u whore. y r u my mom. gonna take a moa-moa and swim it up ur butt. u slut. u whore. y?
by KRiS (LaRRy) July 31, 2003