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1)A statement iterated after an awkward conversation/confession to instantly provide comic relief to the moment and destroy any awkwardness present

2)Something owned by all whores. Based on the angler fish breeding process where the males are attracted to the females and "melt" into the females body and transform into a shiny pair of testicles to remain forever present on said angler fish's face. In other words, she has sex with men and steals their testicles.
1) Brian: "I kinda... totally have feelings for you Charlotte..."

Charlotte: "O.O"

Brian: "Fish testicles"

Charlotte: "LMAO! random :P so what's up?"

2) That Jessi chick is a total whore, she's has at least 30 fish testicles.
by Rabidbluejay1 February 04, 2012

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