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When two men touch the heads of their penises together, resembling two fishes kissing.
"Hey I heard Pat and Scott fish kissed each other on Friday."
by The_Professional March 13, 2009
38 24
when two people stand back to back, bend over, pull butt cheeks open, and touch buttholes
fish kisses are how baby fish are made
by pacman666 November 21, 2011
201 43
The female version of the "tea bag".
While George was passed out on the couch, Elaine decided to "fish kiss" his forehead.
by TATW May 31, 2012
2 3
When a guy eats out a girls pussy during her periode
Girl 1: James gave me a fish kiss
girl 2: ewwwww das dirrty
by wtvvvv June 08, 2005
14 67