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The Fish-Bulb comes from the Simpsons. There's an episode where Homer sees a Japanese commercial for dish detergent, with "Mr. Sparkle", their mascot. The logo looks like Homer. When asked for an explaination, the company sends a tape. The tape demonstrates that the logo was generated by blending a fish, and a lightbulb.
There's your answer, Fish-Bulb!
by neoikon August 27, 2003
157 17
When combined with a light-bulb and a happy-looking cartoon fish, creates a Japanese version of Homer Simpson known as 'Mr. Sparkle,' a brand of dish washer detergent that banishes dirt to the land of wind and ghosts.
Mr. Sparkle is direspectful to dirt.
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 13, 2003
93 16
The combination of a Fish and a lightbulb to make a Japanese Homer.
How did my head get on that Japanese Box? ::Fish and Lightbuld combine::. There you have it fishbulb
by Mase-on April 27, 2003
38 27
You're as bald as Fishbulb!
by Ransom June 17, 2003
4 38
an online comic and offline comiczine created by ethaan boyer. check out more @
man that's good fishbulb.
by ethaan boyer February 07, 2004
4 39
A leet person
man that guy is a fishbulb!
by Guess April 26, 2003
6 41
A kid who cheats and
needs A life
Socom Battles forum name Fishbulb aim name socomfishbulb
by anonymous August 24, 2003
11 50