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Adj. Being in such financial straits as to not have the means to purchase basic necessities while in large credit card and/or student loan debt and still owning other luxury home entertainment items. I.e... a person can't buy groceries or gas to get to work, or unable to go out with friends on a Friday night, but owns things like a laptop, smartphone, Wii, HDTV with satellite, ipod, etc...
Jerry's missing Tony's bachelor party cuz he's first-world poor, so he said he's gonna stay home and Netflix movies all night.
by One-eyed Jack August 23, 2010
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You own Luxury Items, such as an iPad, fast WiFi or a Gaming PC with an GeForce 1080, but you use them to look at you're massive Debt.
Man, im First-World Poor.
Why did you buy your PC?
To look at my Bank Account.
And, how much money do you have?
I am 10 grand in debt.
Why didn't you use your iPad?
I use that to look at my debt on the go.
You stupid Idiot...
by ElectrodeYT January 18, 2017
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