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Burning diahrrea. Often the product of eating fast food from shitty mexacian restraunts. Even worse when you eat lots of extra hot sauce.
Man 1 - Fuck dude this mexican food his gonna make me blow fire out my ass.

Man 2 - Haha you got firerrhea
by Tothmacher May 26, 2006
After a long night of drinking and eating jalepeno poppers, the next morning you wake up with explosive diarrhea that feels like fire shooting from your asshole
Emily had a great time last night, but this morning she suffered some major firerrhea and now her butthole is all red and puffy.
by JaxConf May 13, 2008
spicy-food-induced diarrhea that makes you feel like flames are coming outta your ass
Fuck, man, I woke up in the middle of the night with some serious-ass firerrhea after scarfin' all that "Dave's Insanity Salsa"...fuckin' had to wipe with aloe 'n' shit...
by HB December 02, 2004
The painful, burning and often explosive, projectile poo that results from eating too much mexican food.
Those enchiladas last night were banging, but I had some damn serious firerrhea this morning.
by JOIST August 15, 2007
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