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Burning diahrrea. Often the product of eating fast food from shitty mexacian restraunts. Even worse when you eat lots of extra hot sauce.
Man 1 - Fuck dude this mexican food his gonna make me blow fire out my ass.

Man 2 - Haha you got firerrhea
by Tothmacher May 26, 2006
Another way of referring to a womans asshole.
shit man like I care if its snatch or dirt pussy I still gonna get mine.
by Tothmacher May 19, 2006
Male masterbatury technique where one use his off hand to slam down on the head of his penis with his palm at the point of orgasm
Last night I gave myself a painful stranger hurt like hellbutt thats the way I like it
by Tothmacher July 03, 2006
Another way to refering to a mans cock
Guy1. So did you fuck that girl last night?

Guy2. Hell yea I nearly beat that bitch to death with my meat club!
by Tothmacher June 08, 2006
Another term for a mans cock
Guy 1. So did you fuck that girl last night?

Guy2. Ya man nearly stabbed her to death with my meat spike
by Tothmacher June 08, 2006
Male masturbatory technique where you reaptedly punch yourself in the testicles with ure off hand
Dont ever try the punisher unlees you want to cum blood
by Tothmacher May 19, 2006
Term for a caucasion giving oral sex to a black person. male or female
Hell yea I have worn purple lipstick that black chick tasted sweet.

You have worn purple lip stick? I didnt know you dated a black guy.
by Tothmacher May 18, 2006

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