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When your sitting on the toilet (preferably after a heavy night of drinking) where you have diarrhea, you fart at precisely the exact moment the shit deploys from the anus. Also occurring is a noise quit similar to a firecracker while the fart exits the eye. Its starts off with very loud flatulence which occurs due to the flutter of the cheeks. It quickly turns into a whistle like sound while slowly increasing in pitch. After a brief moment of silence it ends with one more powerful blast of wind exiting the rectum. All this happens in approximately 2 seconds. Since the explosion exits the bowels so quickly, the fast contraction of the anus leaves one with a burning sensation that can only be relieved by sitting on the toilet for a few minutes with out movement.
Gregor: hey man wheres cody?

Rick: uhh, I think hes in the bathroom, he drank a lot last night.

Gregor: uh-oh, i hope he didn't have a firecracker shotgun.

Rick: God Help us!
by #1googler March 19, 2012
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