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A term describing the unbearable burning feeling you get when you masturbate and then take a piss immediately afterwards. Don't pretend it's never happened to you.
Dude, I drank like four cups of coffee and then I saw that tall chick in a miniskirt. Long story short, I got firecock like you wouldn't believe.
by Cody Pagels August 13, 2005
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Someone who jerks off at how "great" FireFox is. Invented by me while Stumbling over one too many FireFox websites.
The people in that forum are a bunch of FireCocks
by Hicksteruk July 10, 2008
Take a metal Dildo, and heat it up over a fire/stove.
Proceed to use it.
Girl 1: What's wrong? You're limping.

Girl 2: I was bored last night so I pulled a Fire-Cock
by j@rhead April 04, 2011

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