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Firearrhea is the explosive result of having too much tequila from a plastic bottle, Popov, and boxed wine (using the wine as a chaser). Then, someone gets the brilliant idea to order Hungry Howies and put copious amounts of hot sauce on the pizza that people would ask very stereotypical things such as, "would you like any pizza with that hot sauce? durr hurr".

For added laughter, one could give a drunk person who engaged in such firearrhea-inducing activities a chocolate laxative. This is only done to ensure that the drunk person gets the full firearrhea experience.
Brid: Holy Hell, I just DESTROYED the toilet at work. Seriously, I think I just melted some porcelain just now.

(upon walking into the bathroom)

Boss: It smells like firearrhea in here.. Or at least singed pubic hairs.
by JeffJonezZz November 09, 2009
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