A HL mod most related to crack. It sucks it ruins your life. This game is no fun. People loved this game in 2.5 till the FA team really fucked up the accuracy so that it is luck. As i can say people are addicted to this mod now.
by OCJ July 22, 2003
Top Definition
Another one of man's best friends, second to the dog. You load a bullet, unlock the gun, aim at your target, pull the trigger, and get smacked in the face by kick-back. Usually protested against by hippies, anti-war protestors, liberals, and other idiots. The United Kingdom has fallen prey to the liberal predators in Parliament who passed laws controlling the ownership and usage of firearms, and not just safety laws (like the United States.)
I love my firearm. I sleep with it in my bed.

"George, I killed my firearm because i pet it too hard."
"Don't worry, Lenny, I'll fix it for you."
by victor December 06, 2003
An American symbol. Something that the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution lets us bear.
Fred: That guy's carrying a gun! Let's kick his ass!

Bob: Fred, you stupid Brit, he has every freaking right to.
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
A term for a weapon or weapons
The man's coat was loaded with firearms
by |S*R| Justin July 22, 2003
Firearms, Won mod of the year from PCGamer and runner up game of the year for 2000.
Has over a expansive ammount of weapons from many countries including: United States of America, Russia, Germany, The Swiss, France And Many others.
Firearms Mod website www.firearmsmod.com
by Mikey129 August 01, 2004
1)The opposite of Counter-Stike. Amazingly the members of the Firearms community know grammar.
2) People who aren't manly enough to complain and whine.
by Afro Joe June 23, 2003
Unless your just plain stupid, You relise that Firearms is a much more complex and fun game then any other HL mod.
by StandingCow July 21, 2003
Half-Life modification.
Way better than Counter-Strike.
Lets go play FA!
by Anonymous February 03, 2003

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