when an individual tries to be a ginny/guido or guidette (italian) and is just making a fool of his or her self
Craig: do u see that dude over there?

Dan: yeah. what is he doing? it looks like he is tryin to be a dude from that jersey shore show

Craig: agreed but hes not italian hes just a finny

Dan: a finny?

Craig: yes a fake ginny
by 815 bda December 07, 2009
Top Definition
One who has a fetish for fish or finned mammals. The aquatic equivalent to a furry.
Person A: That dolphin is incredibly hot!

Person B: What the hell is wrong with you!?
Person A: Nothing's wrong with me, I'm a finny!
by Magiphart January 07, 2014
A male Thot from your city.
A: oh he's really cute, I like what he's wearing

B: nah, you can't mess with him; he's finny.

Finny down to the socks.
by jainis March 07, 2016
This is the act of being skinny and fat at the same time, or being skinny but out of shape. Someone with skinny extremities who also has a beer gut would qualify as finny.
"That chick looked hot from here, but when we got closer we realized she was just finny."

"Check out the finny dude with his beer gut."
by Little Red Capone May 01, 2012
Function: adjective
Date: 1590
1 : provided with or characterized by fins
2 : relating to or being fish

its pronunciation--- fi-ne
nemo is finny
by sabrina October 09, 2003
(noun): Depression-era Bostonian slang for a five dollar bill.
"'I'm outta gas, could you spot me a finny?' asked Nana."
by Kingmaker's Daughter March 29, 2015
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