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verb. Fineapple

1. To masturbate using only the fingertips over the very end (or Bellend) of the penis, where there is more nerve endings to be stimulated.
I had to ejaculate in 30 seconds or my balls would explode; so I had to get my fineapple on.
by November 13, 2004
An Anglo Saxon surname with the roots Fine, and Apple, pertaining to the "best fruit" or "best example", with original family or clan deriving of a noble or highly respected lineage.
Check out my fineapple threads.
by alexatree August 14, 2009
Joshie the hawaiian, or foshie the fawaiian
Me: Yo fineapples
Josh: Yo
Me: Haha oh noes, I was yo'd!
by Paulie January 14, 2005

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