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Irish name meaning fair or bright headed.
Finbarr is the name of the patron Saint of Cork City, Ireland.
What's your name? 'Finbarr'
by himselfto February 21, 2010
the best thing since forever.
the love of your life.
"umm, i can't think what to put here finbarr~ yessum"
by lorraaaaaa. November 21, 2006
An irish fart in an Australian jar
god he just did a finbarr!!/
one bacardi and a finbarr please!
by fdiemkjh November 30, 2006
finbarr means fair shoulders in irish. also the name of an irish saint.

often misspelled as finnbarr, finbar, finnbar, sinbad, marsbar, thinbar and thickbar.

often shortened to finn allowing endless possibilities for "cool" names such as finndiana jones
hi there my name is finbarr

howzit finbarr?

im good just thinking about how class it is being called finbarr
by noodle99494531 February 04, 2010
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