some of the fan boys are just plain jerks to this game. its been nearly two days since its release, and let me set some things straight
towns- who cares about towns? wow you go and talk to forty npcs about nothing important. great.
battle system- you control one character, and the game ends if you die, and youre level capped. big fucking deal, the battle system is the best one and its something fresh. if you controlled the whole part directly, the game would be impossible
linear- well, the game is extremely linear. but its not really taking too much from the game final fantasy x was a line. it was loved. find something else to bitch about. linearity helps story progression
story- the story so far is very good and one of the more realistic ones. however, the characters are what really makes it stand out
characters- the characters so far have had some character progression, especially hope. also, the chracters have believable clothes (sort of) instead of and entire outfit made of accessories
music- lyrics in a final fantasy game? terrible! if youre a loser who cant accept change. listen to the sunleth waterscape, and youll see why lyrics can be a very good thing
sidequests- 64 extra bosses. enough said
fanboy-hey final fantasy xiii is so gay
person who can take a chance in change- how so? because its not about two people falling in love, and its sort of similar to vii, and like xii the story is mature and the battle system actually requires more skill than playing a pokemon game? you cant grind your ass off and you actually die a lot?
fanboy- yeah we want our old final fantasy back!
person who can take a chance in change- *facepalm* *kills fanboy*
by z3r0s3volution March 11, 2010
Top Definition
Soon to be one of the greatest games of all time when it is released some time next year.
Person 1: Halo 3: ODST is gonna be awesome
Person 2: But Final Fantasy XIII will be better
by FinalFantasyPwnsAll May 25, 2009
I would call it Final Fantasy XII Lite, but even that label would be far too generous. A complete regression in terms of gameplay design - (no more seamless battle transition with enemies on the field, a dumbed down less in-depth AI system and less control over the party than ever before) - is not something you often see in any gaming series, although Final Fantasy has never been particularly consistent in its quality. Even so, it is as if Square Enix are trying to drag the series down to the bottom of the JRPG barrel. I understand Dragon Quest was getting lonely down there, but this is just embarrassing.
Final Fantasy XIII fanboy: ZOMG its gonna be the best RPG EVAR.

Rational Final Fantasy Fan: What, because it is a complete backstep compared to XII? Or because the visuals are completely underwhelming? Or because the voice acting from the trailers actually sounds atrocious?
by Ivalice-Alliance November 08, 2009
So metrosexual.
Final Fantasy XIII - The FF that I'll be GLAD to not play.

Dude 1 : Did you see that awesome new protagonist Lightning? Isn't she hot?

Dude 2 : No, it's fucking cloud with some pink hair and boobs.

Dude 1 : They're reintroducing another black guy! Like Barret! Isn't that cool?

Dude 2 : It would be, if he weren't wearing lime.

Dude 1 : That Snow Villiers is such a badass.

Dude 2 : I didn't know that all you had to do to be a badass was dress like a buccaneer outcast.

Dude 1 : Hope Estheim kinda reminds me of myself.

Dude 2 : Really? You look girly and gay? Do you wear makeup too?

Dude 1 : Who designed these 'awesome' characters?

Dude 2 : Nomura, but if you ask me, I think that they should bring back Amano.

Final Fantasy XIII - The latest downhill.
by Fantasy Gone Downhill January 28, 2010
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