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Quite possibly the most polarizing Final Fantasy game in the series, this is a game absolutely loved by some and absolutely detested by others. X introduced some interesting gameplay elements such as the sphere grid. Spira itself was a fascinating world to explore, the storyline was generally decent and X probably had the best soundtrack of the entire series.

On the other hand, X also suffered from some nauseating voice acting and dialogue, a generally easy main quest and some unbalanced battle mechanics. The linearity also killed all sense of exploration.

Overall, X was a game with its pros and cons. It wasn't the best in the series, but it sure as hell wasn't the worst.
Final Fantasy X Lover: OMFG X had the best story ever, the ending and storyline generally was so emotionally charged and unforgettable... And the gameplay was so much fun, and the sphere grid was so unique for its time! Easily the best game in the series.

Final Fantasy X Hater: OMFG X's story was plagued by cliched characters, a stupid love story and it got rid of the active time battle system! And sorry but I don't like going in a straight line from A to B. Easily the worst game in the series.
by Ivalice-Alliance November 08, 2009
Quite possibly the most overrated band in history. People claim they were relevant during the 90s, but even then they weren't. Blur were the defining Britpop band for the first half of the 90s, and then Radiohead killed Britpop and became the defining band of the second half of the 90s. During the 00s Oasis merely become a parody of themselves, trying to rehash their overrated songs of the 90s to no avail.

Fundamentally, Oasis had no originality during their entire career, could never evolve and just copied other bands material (i.e. The Beatles) as they didn't have the talent to write or compose any good songs on their own.

Truthfully, the only reason they were popular was because of the large size of the working class. The working class saw the Gallagher brothers as idols, because they began in the working class before becoming rich, and inherently the Gallaghers had no actual talent like the rest of the working class. Therefore, the large working class supported Oasis in droves, and then worshipped them for managing to get so big, despite having no talent. It gave the working class hope that even they, despite having no talent, might someday leave their job working as a janitor, cleaning toilets or emptying dustbins, and become wealthy and famous.
No band is more overrated than Oasis and thank goodness they split up. Now they can stop creating crap music.
by Ivalice-Alliance November 08, 2009
I would call it Final Fantasy XII Lite, but even that label would be far too generous. A complete regression in terms of gameplay design - (no more seamless battle transition with enemies on the field, a dumbed down less in-depth AI system and less control over the party than ever before) - is not something you often see in any gaming series, although Final Fantasy has never been particularly consistent in its quality. Even so, it is as if Square Enix are trying to drag the series down to the bottom of the JRPG barrel. I understand Dragon Quest was getting lonely down there, but this is just embarrassing.
Final Fantasy XIII fanboy: ZOMG its gonna be the best RPG EVAR.

Rational Final Fantasy Fan: What, because it is a complete backstep compared to XII? Or because the visuals are completely underwhelming? Or because the voice acting from the trailers actually sounds atrocious?
by Ivalice-Alliance November 08, 2009
Probably the worst Japanese Role Playing series in existence. It has archaic, simplistic and shallow gameplay, while utterly lacking in any sort of redeeming values, with not even the storyline or characters ever being any good. The lack of evolution is just disturbing, and when the series does try and change, it is both minimal and late to the party. Dragon Quest is to other JRPGs what Dynasty Warriors is to Ninja Gaiden and other action titles.

Honestly, I never understand why gamers lower their standards so much for Dragon Quest. This is a series that hasn't offered gaming or gamers anything relevant in almost two decades. Would anyone outside of Japan even care if the Dragon Quest series was discontinued? The only people who would are two minorities - the fake Dragon Quest fans who only like the series now because it is on Nintendo platforms again, and the people who just generally have atrocious taste in everything.

Ultimately, Dragon Quest is just really awful. Having to sit through these games is like drilling needles into your eyes. I swear anyone who sits through a Dragon Quest game in its entirety must be a Masochist. And people wonder why Japan has such a high suicide rate? There really should be a law against hyping Dragon Quest games.
If it has Dragon Quest in the name you can pretty much expect the JRPG equivalent of dog shit.
by Ivalice-Alliance November 08, 2009

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