Commonly called FOE which actualy stands for, full of excuses. which isn't commonly known. Also it has the most members of all pure clans for the reason that when level 80 gplaters and d meders make a pure they want to join FOE.
example 1:

"Let's mini with Final Ownage Elite"
"They dunt wn2 b/c they are full of excuses"

example 2:

Gplater "My pur is gunna b in foe"
d meder "omg me2"
Gplater notices d claws "lend me d claws plzzzzzzzz ill give you max trade"
by W A R N1 N G April 18, 2010
Top Definition
A RuneScape clan that likes to be douche bags and often runs out of nowhere, charging helpless clans as the Disciples of Elvemage.
Punta Party:lol its Final Ownage Elite, let's get em
Kids Ranqe:nah man, i hear they r douche bags
by HiddenOne January 17, 2009
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