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A anime series that was made using the Final Fantasy name. Many people recognize this as a poor attempt to cash in, in a over saturated market. Do to seemingly cheap animation and abrupt ending which seems to indicate series cancellation, it is shunned by Final Fantasy and Anime Fans alike.
Final Fantasy Unlimited could have been great... if they made it more like a Final Fantasy game.
by PuppetofJENOVA July 08, 2006
An awesome anime...Kaze is so cool! (It moved...MAGUUUN!) yeah....and these two kids go to the 'wonderland' where they meet Lisa on the subway train. Yu and Ai are trying to find their parents that went into the wonderland a few years back.
And, its got chocobos in it! =D WARK WARK!
by Kagz December 26, 2003
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