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3 definitions by Kagz

A silly dumb person that spends all his/ or her time online.
Kagz....On yahoo.
by Kagz December 25, 2003
0 0
An awesome anime...Kaze is so cool! (It moved...MAGUUUN!) yeah....and these two kids go to the 'wonderland' where they meet Lisa on the subway train. Yu and Ai are trying to find their parents that went into the wonderland a few years back.
And, its got chocobos in it! =D WARK WARK!
by Kagz December 26, 2003
11 13
To Fondle, Excrete Upon or can be used as an adjective for 'Wannabe Emo'
God andrew is such a gohma
by Kagz April 13, 2005
4 11