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Pronounced (Fill-Thee-Rah-Mown)
noun, verb: The Distant cousin of the Dirty Sanchez. Ramone takes pride in using his cock to make the moustache rather than the index finger of said man. Thus the act includes: Laying the bone anally, and proceeding to remove said man's penis from said woman's asshole, and whiping the fecal matter on said womans upper lip. This creates a dirty shit moustache similar, but far more severe than that of the Dirty Sanchez. Use extreme caution when performing. That shit stannngggsss.
1) Bro, I wanted to give her a Dirty Sanchez last night, but I said "Fuck it!", I'm giving her a Ramone.
2) Stacey: "Yeah, he gave me a filthy ramone last night, I feel like crap"
Julie: "You think that's bad! Mine gave me a Dirty Russian!
by Mister Meat December 13, 2009
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