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film⋅sieur film s-yur; Fr. film-syœ

–noun, plural film⋅sieurs film-syurz, films-erz; Fr. film-syœ

1. A formal, fully trained, and courteous service professional with extensive experience and expertise in servicing film industry executives
2. A certified member of the highly sought-after concierge services firm, Filmcierge


2009; FILM + (MON)SIEUR French, from Old French : mon, my (from Latin meum, accusative of meus; see me-1 in Indo-European roots) + sieur, lord, sir (from Vulgar Latin *seiorem, accusative of *seior; see sire).
Time management, courtesy, and a natural desire to satisfy the needs of others are all characteristics of a good Filmsieur.
by yellowroad71 October 04, 2009
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