A course of action or combination of words used by a victim of an awkward situation, used to lessen the awkwardness, but in the long run, increasing the depth of awkwardness.
I thought I saw my friend the other day from behind, so I slapped his head. To my surprise, someone I had never seen in my life turned around. My body involuntarily began doing fills such as pretending to text someone, pretending to see someone I knew on the other side of the room, and looking around, hoping I will actually see someone I know to save me from the situation. I painfully walked away from the person without saying anything.
by Willlllll yeaa! November 26, 2009
Top Definition
Planting your man seed into a female.
Did you fill that bitch last night?

Damn, check out that girl! I'd fill
by Brett B April 11, 2006
acronym for "fuck I look like", or "who do you think I am?".
A: Yo Cam, you think you can fax that info to me?
B: Fax? fill? Office Depot?
by fluckilooklike April 28, 2013
An aimless fill of time. When you are concious that time is being wasted, similar to mill. Could also be said 'Time Fill', such as watching shitty tv programmes (tv fill), or filling a sentance with unncessary monsylabics such as innit, or yeah? at the end (word fill), or just general jargon because you don't know what you're talking about. This is also applicable when writing, any uneeded made up crap which is there to just 'fill' up the page is fill.
"I didn't really want to be at Marvin's for an hour it was just fill, I had nothing better to do until nine when Taggart came on "
"Most of my essay was pure fill, I couldn't think of anything else to write"
by GoldenBarrel November 20, 2009
An easier way to say "batta" or to harm someone by hitting them repeatedly.
"Hey nigga' you stepped on my shoes! I'm gonna fill you in!"

Translation: "Excuse me sir, it seems you have misplaced your foot, and it apears to have trodden on my shoe and caused me considerable pain, please can you remove it, before i am forced to swing my fist in your general direction, and damage your skin tissue"
by Bilbo Bagins January 31, 2007
Fill is a male. He is freakishly handsome. Men want him, gals want to be WITH him. However, he is asexual.
Fill plays the sax. He likes soccer.. alot...
by Cals und Lemonhead January 22, 2005
Fill is a ball of rage. He has a mullet

Commonly known as 'MWA' (Mullet With Attitude™)

Likes pipes and slippers.

Doesnt like Blue Mage's
"Fills got a rage on"
"Fills mullet is twitching"
by PepeThePrawn. March 19, 2004
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