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Male version of camel toe. When a man's testicles and/or penis are visibly seperated by the fabric of his pants.
Buddy, i think it's time to adjust.. you got a figure eight showing.
by captain smoketacious July 06, 2006
The sexual act of when two people stand shoulder to shoulder, facing opposite directions, and both are bent over giving and reiceiving rim jobs; all while standing. The position of the foreplay pleasures both people and results in the image of the number eight.
"Since we both like our buttholes licked, do you want to try the Figure Eight?"
by Mr. Dirty Sunshine August 20, 2011
To burn out in the number eight motion.
I figure eighting in the Corvette.
by Jizzo Fortanel January 20, 2004
a private island off the coast of north carolina, and the town of wilmington.

occasional vacation place of leonardo de caprio, al gore, outcast, and many many others.
me: gah, those figure eight bitches are so fuckin rich.

person1: hey, dont you have a house on figure eight?

me: yea, sorta. see, my moms sister married a man was adopted by the camerons, who used to own the island. so, its more like we have access to houses.

person1: ......oh, wow.

me: yea
by ghettostarchild August 15, 2007
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