A very fat cat, with a pink belly.
Figgy sat down and licked his big fat pink belly.
by sdafsdfadfasasdf May 14, 2005
Top Definition
For use as a noun, verb, or adj; it can stand for anything. If it sounds like it will fit a situation, it does.
There's figgy everywhere!!

That was a figgy-fail.

He figgied all over her face.

He's getting his figgy on.

He whipped his figgy out.
by Lutie22 March 03, 2009
A nickname for anybody with the last name Figueroa preferably a boy
"Ay Figgy" yo Figgy going ham
by beautiful mind July 24, 2015
Shouting this name from your car to a random guy who is exercising or walking with a group of people. Normally you would do it to a fat guy and complimenting him that if he lost weight and that he looks good while making a John Travolta impersonation.
Guy in car: "Hey Figgy, is that you man? Oh my God you lost weight Figgy, you look good!"

"Figgy": confused and wonders if you're talking about him.
by nrique1 September 11, 2010
the aftermath of inserting your penis in a fig newton pussy,your penis is covered in a waxy substance similar to the inside of a fig newton but its mixed with your semen which makes it look like apple butter.
Evan must of had a sweet tooth last night because he woke up with a figgy.
by tophieCC April 21, 2010
one who is extremely beast at football, preferably nose guard/nose tackle.
dang figgy is a beast, i wish i was as beast as him
by thenumber63 August 29, 2009
let me get all of this straight everyone. Its short for the last name Figliola. Get it right bitches.
Yo wuddup Figgy
by wtfbsyeah November 03, 2008
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